What is meant by thermographic analysis or thermography

Thermography is a method of analysis that allows to detect through an infrared camera not only the thermal radiation emitted by the object investigated, but also the radiation that it reflects or transmits.

One of the main applications of thermography is the control of industrial processes and of electrical systems in the building sector. Thermographic investigations are required above all for preventive maintenance needs and to periodically check the operating condition of the plant or machine.

UNI EN ISO 9712 level 2 qualification

The Level 2 qualification is required to carry out thermographic investigations on electrical systems in the insurance field, to carry out thermographic investigations in the building sector according to the UNI EN 13187 standard in the legal field, as well as to obtain the National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work (INAIL) OT 23 relief and in the photovoltaic field.

The training and qualification of personnel for level 2 thermographic tests are regulated by precise national and international standards. The European standard is the UNI EN 473, which in turn, refers to the international standard ISO 9712Qualification and certification of personnel involved in non-destructive testing (N.D.T.).

These regulations establish a system for the qualification and certification of personnel in charge of carrying out non-destructive testing (N.D.T.) in the industrial field.

Df Project in the person of the Industrial Expert Giacomo Di Fazio obtained the Level 2 Certification for carrying out thermographic tests, having demonstrated the necessary competence to perform non-destructive tests in accordance with established or recognised procedures.

Within the scope of the qualification defined in the certificate, Di Fazio is qualified to:

define the limits of application of the test method

translate the rules into N.D.T. instructions

adjust and check the equipment

perform and supervise tests

interpret and evaluate the results

prepare written N.D.T. instructions

prepare N.D.T reports

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