The DF PROJECT studio performs safety tests, thermographic analyses and verification tests on MV electrical systems and photovoltaic systems using its own certified equipment.

Image courtesy of my friend and colleague Ind. Exp. Andrea Bacchetti

Microprocessor instrument for electrical system safety checks according to CEI 64-8 Standards

  • Differential test
  • Resistance Measurement of the Track-side Assembly
  • Continuity check of Ground and Equipotential connections
  • Isolation measurements at 1,000 V.

Microprocessor-based instrument for checks on PV system strings
Brand: HT ITALIA - Model: PVCHECKs

  • DC string continuity
  • DC string insulation
  • Efficiency PV-DC string

Microprocessor-based instrument for thermography on Apparatus, Devices and Electrical Panels
Electrical Devices and Panels - Brand: FLUKE - Model: Tis40

Network analyser for Electrical Measurements, Network analysis and Detection of harmonics and spikes
Brand: HT ITALIA - Model: PQA824

Test-Relay box for checking MV and LV relays on PASSIVE and ACTIVE (PV) users according to CEI 0-21 and CEI 0-16 Standards
Brand: ISA – Model: RTS/3

Instrument for insulation tests up to 10,000 Vdc
Brand: FLUKE – Model: 1555C

Instrument for Applied Voltage testing of MV cables, capable of delivering a low frequency alternating current test voltage (f = 0.1 Hz)
Brand MEGGER - model VLF Sinus 62 kV


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Relay of companies managing electrical products

DF PROJECT can intervene for the programming, management, verification and certification
for all relay models of all these brands through a relay test box