Relay check with relay test box

The DF PROJECT studio specialises in the verification and calibration of General Protection (GP) and Interface Protection (IP) Systems by using a relay test box.

DF PROJECT is organised to perform checks with a relay test box using its own equipment (see Equipment page) and to issue a final report certifying system compliance as per CEI 0-21 (2016-07) and CEI 0-16 (2014-09) standards.

Declaration of conformity

The declaration of conformity is required by the Electricity Network Operators (e.g.: Enel Energia) to have an accurate control of the producers connected to the grid, limiting the disturbances that these can cause to the regular functioning of the electricity network.

More specifically, who has the obligation to perform the conformity tests?

The owners of production plants in operation and connected to MV and LV networks, with production plants above 11.08 kW and external interface protection systems (IPS), must perform tests on the IPS with test box every 5 years and send the results to the Distributor.

The owners of the production plants in operation and connected to the MV and LV networks of power up to 11.08 kW, or with integrated IPS, must perform the tests on the IPS by means of self-tests every year and report them in a specific register, without sending the results to the Distributor.


Relay of companies managing electrical products

DF PROJECT can intervene for the programming, management,
verification and certification for all relay models of all these brands through a relay test box