Photovoltaic systems

To ensure perfect operation, photovoltaic panels must comply with a series of requirements:

  • transmit the correct guaranteed rated power, in consideration of the different weather conditions
  • be reliableand durable
  • have a high yield over time

What does checking the operation of a photovoltaic system imply?

Testing the operation of a photovoltaic system means identifying the right performance or, in other terms, verifying its correct energy performance in compliance with the CEI 82-25 Variant V1 Guidelines

The DF PROJECT Studio boasts many years of experience in the photovoltaic sector and uses highly performing professional tools to perform:

Checks and appraisals on photovoltaic parks of any power

Insulation and Continuity Tests

Thermographic analysis of photovoltaic systems referred to the industrial and civil sectors

Testing of the photovoltaic system

Parameter measurement for electricity grid quality analysis

IPS verification of photovoltaic systems with relay test box (as per 786-2016* standards)

Compliance with ENEL/TERNA/GSE Practices

DF PROJECT fully manages the authorisation procedures for the connection/ hook-up of photovoltaic systems to be forwarded to various entities, such as ENEL, TERNA and GSE.


The resolution of the Electricity Authority currently in force, the 786/2016/R/eel, provides that:

“all owners of photovoltaic systems with a power equals to or greater than 11.08 kW must periodically recalibrate the interface protection system (IPS), under penalty of suspension of all active agreements, incentives, net energy metering (NEM or SSP) and withdrawal of dedicated sale electricity (RID). A check is therefore envisaged with a Relay Test Box on Interface Protection systems for systems connected in Medium Voltage (M.V.) and with an external Relay Test Box for those in Low Voltage (L.V.).”


Relay of companies managing electrical products

DF PROJECT can intervene for the programming, management,
verification and certification for all relay models of all these brands through a relay test box